sinsamantha (sinsamantha) wrote,


first i had a drinking marathon

it all started on Saturday with Russia beating Holland in foot ball. damn you should have seen what what happening out in the streets at night
everyone was screaming, drinking, pouring champagne on eachother and women were running around topless)))))))))

so we just had to participate))

on our way home we stole a shopping cart)) so i'm sitting in the cart, completely soaked in champagne, pissed out of my skull..And v's pushing me home))
and we had to come off a border..and i offer to get out..but V says that if he gets the right speed we can make it...
and the think is..this border was totally uneven..but we didn't notice
so he starts running..i scream go Russia!! and all of a sudden i realize that i'm falling face first torwards the pavement.
fuck..i donno what i did but i didn't fall on my face. i fell on my side somehow and part of the cart fell on my leg..and i just start hysterical laughing

so that was injury number one)))

V fell too..and he said that we he saw me star falling he said goodbye to me)))

anyway..a bunch of ppl saw this. and came to help us up and ask if we're ok) and call us idiots))

then i got back in the cart and he drove me home without anymore incidents

Sunday was national hangover day))))))

we drank...and i marinated a shitload of chicken breasts

Monday was V's 24 birthday)))

we were having a barbecue with our friends. hense the chicken

in the morning i took the kids to V's parents..they gave me 10 kilo of pork))
and loaded with bucket of meat and wearing a very flowery summer dress i went to pick up V's present..
damn..i'm never volunteering for that job again..i should have made V go pick up the was fuckin heavy
and i had to walk a long distance with it((

right so i arrive at our metro station..and everyone's waiting for me)
i give we his present)) i got him a black shirt with VITALICH in white letters

And then we go load our cart with fooood and beeer and fire wood and go to our forest/park

and then we drank and cooked and just well did normal stuff0)
until v went to go buy more beer and came back with a stolen football))
how do you manage to steal a football without anyone noticing???


and we were sitting my a they started kicking the ball back and forth across the stream
Luckily no one fell in..Even tho i was totally waiting for it to happen

and then iе got dark and we decided to burn the cart))))))))

and then we pushed it in the stream)))

then went home..i turned out that my aunt was home..and i was planning to let everyone stay over cuz the metro was already closed

so we dropped of all our stuff grabbed the ball and went to finв a court to play in)))
and this was already 1 am..They played till someone called the cops at 3)))

so then we had to go home..and i decided that i dont give a shit about what my aunt thinks..its her own damn fault for coming home that day (cuz she actually owns a different apartment and knew that we were gonna have ppl over) she prolly just decided to see what were were doing

so i take a bunch of drunk ppl home and we pretty start actштп like a bunch of drunk ppl))

at one point around 7am me and V take an old electric guitar and go out in the street and start smashing it to tinny pieces..and shouting about how we hate the grannys that always sit out on the bench infront of the house and talk shit about us. and that if we hear one more bad thing said about us next time it'll be their heads that we'll smash

its been a week and they havent said a word)))))))

then..then i cant really remember

i think v was running around the apartment naked wearing my red boa...and i still havent cleaned up all the feathers
ooh and there was something about me giving him a public blowjob...

oh and he fell on i fell on my back hitting some sharp corner along the way

so that was injury number 2


started very loudly
with Sick of It All turned up at the loudest speaker setting
i thought my head would explode
i thought about suicide
i thought i was gonna kill V

but he finally turned it off

then we went to take fotos of all our bruises and cuts...
and ended up having balcony sex))

you know i'mm really tired of writing this(

right so..that day we went to a Sick of It All concert.

got completely wasted b4. so wasted that i actualy puked
and i never throw up when i'm drunk

the show was completely crazy
i fell in love with Mai Ling their tech crew girl..
and i spent half the show screaming that shes pretty and that i love her)) and she kissed me and gave me beer
i also jumped of stage a bunch of times
and went in the pit
and i didn't get caught a couple of times

so thosed were injuries 3 - 30


then the show was over and we had a train to St. Petersburg to catch

and this was not one of those nice trains where you can lay down..but a train where you have to sit all night in an uncomfortable seat(((((

b4 we got on the train..i went into hysterics for some reason. i donno i dont remember
but V ans my friend say i was making myself fall on purpose...
hmm..i donno(((


i regain consciousness

and think...oh thank god we'll be home soon

and then i realize that i'm still on my way to St. Petes and that i have a whole day and night ahead of me before i'll be home(

fuck...i thought i was dying(
and V, who was sittign next to me, started shakingand breaking out in cold sweat...and telling me that he thinks hes dying

Which totally did not go well with my killed hangover

but after 10 minutes he got better

so we arrive in St. Petes..its cold as fuck..and raining
and we're in jeans and a tshirt

so we drank..and did some business stuff..we had to rent a club for an upcoming show. its a good thing our director also came on a different train cuz V was in no state to be signing documents)))

anyway ..then we went to our friends house..slept ate washed drank..all the good stuff

and then....our second Sick of It All show))))

i spent the whole show right inn front of the stage just watching them..they're fuckin amazing!!

and Mai Ling was really surprised to see me)))
she got us autografs after and gave me her email)))
and kissed me)))

and also invited us to the afterparty but we didn't go..cuz he have our own favorite little bar that we go to after shows

anyway so soup
and we get on the train home)))))

another uncomfortable night sittign in horrible chairs( with screaming kids..and coughing old men..swimming in and out of sleep


we were homeomorphism))))

and it was our 7 year anniversary)))

so we pick up our kid from V's parents (cuz my mom took our oldest to our summer now we only have Kita to look after)

anyway we take him home
wait for the nanny

and go to this really romantic concert))))


i had work
i thought i was gonna die for sure...i seem to think that a lot)))
i had to work 3pm - 12am

and the next day was 8pm - 3pm

so i hardly got any sleep
and my back was killing me
i still cant move without pain(

anyway that how ive been)))

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